Curious about Character Booking?

Rapunzel and her friend

We believe in magic and we believe in dreams.

Character Booking was started as a dream to share goodness with the world.  We often say that we do what we do for the children, and that is true.  But we do it for the child inside each and every one of us.  There is nothing more amazing than allowing someone to believe in magic, whether it is for the first time or the five hundreth time.  There is magic in the world and we live to share it.  We truly believe in magic, and we truly do believe in dreams.  We believe that we can capture the inner child and bring imagination alive. We strive to bridge the gap between reality and dreams for all ages. We provide exceptional entertainment at a reasonable price; we are more than a princess visit, we create an unforgettable experience that will be cherised forever. Our characters are carefully selected for their talent, appearance and values. 

Since we are trying to create a unique experience for each individual, our parties are 100% customizable.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen.