Things We Learn From Disney Princesses Part 2

Our previous post was about the things we learn from Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora. If you missed it click here to read it!

Today we continue forward with Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan.

ARIEL – Be Curious

Little Mermaid Fin

Ariel is one curious princess.  She explores sunken ships, visits the surface, and talks to seagulls to learn more about the human world.  She collects things to help her learn more about the world above.  And yes, this curiosity causes her to fall in love.  Her love for Prince Eric causes her to act in drastic measures, selling her voice to the sea witch to finally visit the world she has longed to be a part of her whole life.  To her, three days is a dream come true.  She meets Prince Eric, and he eventually falls in love with her (after a few days, a close call with the sea witch).  Her marriage to the prince tore down her father’s prejudice for the human species, and united the humans and mermaids. None of this would have happened if she didn’t want to know more.  

BELLE – Always Be Learning

Belle is another curious princess, but she fulfils her curiosity through reading.  She wants more than her provincial life only because she has read that there could be more.  While the other girls in the village swooned over the misogynistic Gaston, Belle was able to see past his looks and physique to see the beast behind the man.  Her book smarts also helped her see the man behind the beast when she lived at the Beast’s castle.  She read about princes in disguise, and then lived the fairy tale. “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming.  But she won’t discover that it’s him, till Chapter 3!” Her love of reading gave her hope, knowledge, and eventually, a happily ever after.

JASMINE – You Are Not a Prize to be Won

Jasmine is a sassy, modern princess (she does wear pants, after all!) with a good head on her shoulders.  According to the law, she has to marry by her 16th birthday.  However, Jasmine wants to marry for love, not just because she is required to by law.  When Aladdin, as Prince Ali comes to the Sultan to ask for his daughter’s hand, he charms the Sultan, but not Jasmine.  She tells him “I am not a prize to be won!”  She recognized her worth and fought for her right to choose her own fate.  


Pocahontas was constantly chasing new and exciting things.  One of the first scenes we see of her is her diving off a waterfall.  She knew that staying in a comfortable place would never bring her happiness, because she knew that the only way to grow is to take risks.  While marrying Kokoum was the “smoothest course,” it was not one that would help her realize her potential.  She not only took risks herself, but encouraged others to as well.  After all, if you do take risks, “you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew!”

MULAN- Be Creative

Mulan had quite the brain in her head.  She didn’t sit idly by waiting for things to happen, she took action, got creative, and saved China.  Mulan did a lot of things that other people wouldn’t have even thought of – pretending to be a man to save her father, using the weights to climb the pole, rather than being dragged down by them, disguising the men as women to gain entrance to the Imperial Palace and save the Emperor, etc.  She was not afraid to use her head and find ingenuitive ways to get things done.  

TIANA – Never Lose Sight of What’s Really Important

When you think of Tiana, you first think of her work ethic and how she chased her dream of opening her restaurant.  However, there is a deeper, more important message in her story.  At the beginning of the film, her dad tells her “Never, ever lose sight of what’s really important.”  Even Charlotte (kind of) understands this.  Tiana is told that she was outbid on the sugar mill, and is distraught.  Charlotte leaves the prince to make sure that she is ok.  Anyway, while her dream of opening her own restaurant is important, in trying to make it happen, she does lose sight of a few things – like being personable, having fun, and taking time for yourself.  Her father didn’t realize his dream of having a restaurant, but he did “have something better, he had love.”  Tiana also finds love throughout her adventure as a frog, but also is able to learn to loosen up and smile sometimes.

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