The Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Many young girls love the idea of mermaids, the ocean, and all creatures under the sea.  If your little mermaid insists on taking her party Under the Sea, we can help you out! Here are tips to help you host the perfect Ariel Birthday Party in Utah!


Mermaid invitations are quite easy to create.  All you need is a scale-like background, a picture of Ariel and all the party details.  If your party will be by the pool, remind your guests to bring their swimsuits and towels!

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Take your party guests under the sea with your Little Mermaid decorations! Decorate your house with blues, greens, and purples to create an underwater experience! For a photo backdrop, snag a cheap mermaid scale shower curtain and hang it up with lots of bubbles (balloons) around. Remember that Ariel loves human things too, so include plenty of dinglehoppers, whosits and whatsits, and thingamabobs in your decor!


Star sandwiches are a crowd favorite and birthday parties (traditional sandwich cut in a star shape), as are oyster cookies (two clamshell shaped cookies with frosting in the middle and a white bubblegum pearl), pasta salad (the shells look just like sea shells!), and sea snails (pigs in a blanket).

Games and Activities

Find Flounder

If you have a Flounder or Sebastian (or any under the sea toy), play a few rounds of Find Flounder.  It is played just like hot and cold – Send one child out of the room, while the rest of the guests hide the object somewhere where it is still a little visible. Bring the child back in the room and “help” her find the toy by clapping loud and fast if she is close, or soft and slow if she is far away.  

Sand Search

Fill a kiddie pool with sand and hide small (but soft) sea creatures or other toys within.  Help the party guests explore the sand with their toes and pick out a toy to take home! It helps them feel like Ariel when she first got her human legs!

Fish Craft

Help each party guest decorate their very own fish friend! Create fish-shaped pieces of cardstock or cardboard, and gather decorating supplies such as pipe cleaners, googly eyes, markers, sparkly stickers, and more!

Princess Visit

To add a special touch to your Ariel birthday party, invite one of our Mermaids to your party! Although we are far from the beach, finding a little mermaid in Utah is easier than you’d think! Our Little Mermaid can come to your party in her tail, a walkable fin, and even her ball gown to make your party one you and your little mermaid will remember forever. She will host your party, playing games, telling stories, and leading the guests in singing time to create magical memories for your little ones. If you are looking for a princess party in Utah, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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