Planning the Perfect Sleeping Beauty Party

If your little one loves Princess Aurora, you probably will be hosting a Princess Aurora Birthday Party this year.  It can seem overwhelming at first, but it is actually quite simple. Throwing a princess birthday bash is less intimidating than it seems!  Here are tips to help you host the perfect Princess Aurora Birthday Party in Utah!

Princess Aurora twirling in the woods


One of our favorite Princess Aurora birthday party invitations is a simple pink card with the Sleeping Beauty crown in the front that opens to reveal the party details.  Whatever invitation you choose, make sure to add lots of pink, blue, and gold sparkles!


Make it Pink! Make it Blue!

Include both the colors of this classic princess for your party by twisting streamers and tuelle around the party room.  If you’d like, create a castle backdrop out of balloons saran-wrapped like pillars and cardboard spires.  Since the three good fairies nick named Aurora Briar Rose, roses are an appropriate decor theme.  Don’t forget to top everything off for your Utah princess party with Princess Aurora’s classic gold tiara.  


Sweet treats are perfect for an Aurora party. Pink and blue cupcakes, cookies, and princess muddy buddies (see recipe here) are a perfect addition.  If you’re looking for a more filling option, creating homemade pizza with crown-shaped crust is another adorable idea to match your princess theme. 

Games and Activities

Crown Craft

Princess Aurora is known for her classic golden tiara and necklace.  Recreate her tiara and necklace out of cardstock or purchase basic crowns from your local party store.  Provide decorating supplies such as gems, stickers, pompoms, and more!

Sleeping Princess

One party guest lies on the ground as if asleep.  The other guests try to make her laugh with silly jokes, noises, etc.  Whoever makes the Sleeping Beauty smile is the next one “it.”  If necessary, establish a rule that the party guests cannot touch the sleeping princess to discourage tickling.  


If your party guests are old enough, teach them the basic steps to the waltz and watch them dance around the room in their beautiful princess dresses.  If not, play music and let their imaginations take flight!

Princess Visit

Of course your Sleeping Beauty party wouldn’t be complete without a princess visit! Our princesses create an enchanting moment that you and your little princess will remember forever.  They sing with the party guests, host storytime, princess training, and then play games with your guests.  If you’d like, we can even crown your little one an official princess!  Check out our Utah princess party packages to learn more!

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