Lessons Learned from Sleeping Beauty

Hail to the Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty Startled

One of my favorite moments in all of Disney princess history is when Briar Rose is surprised by Prince Phillip and the two begin singing together—it’s pretty much impossible not to swoon at the romance, but for me it was also the sound of her singing voice. Aurora has one of the loveliest voices I have ever heard, as well as one of the most beautifully animated movies ever produced by Disney. Those attributes alone make it easy to love Sleeping Beauty—and it doesn’t hurt that Phillip is arguably one of the cutest Disney princes. But Sleeping Beauty is more than simply beautiful visuals—this movie features a heroine who is quieter than her Disney princess predecessors, but who still manages to display immense strength. This time, however, our princess doesn’t immediately face her antagonist, although Maleficent certainly makes an appearance. Instead, we see Aurora choosing to sacrifice her own happiness for the good of others.  

Grace Under Pressure

Aurora, formerly known as Briar Rose, had no idea that she was a princess when she met Prince Phillip in the woods. In fact, she didn’t even know that he was a prince. When Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather tell her the tragic news that she can’t marry her dream man and has been betrothed to a prince since birth, she is understandably upset. She throws herself down and cries hopelessly, thinking that she has lost control over her own destiny. But soon we see her in the castle, preparing herself to take on the role of princess and marry this stranger. Although Aurora was bound to marry this stranger, she did still have a choice—she chose to accept the plans that had been laid out since her birth, and to accept them with humility and dignity. No tantrums were thrown, because Aurora quickly realized her role as a princess necessitated sacrifices, sometimes of a very personal nature. In our lives we may not have to choose between a betrothed prince and the man of our dreams, but we will always have to make sacrifices for those that we love.


 This is a particularly common trait among Disney princesses, but Aurora’s dance in the woods is a perfect example of being a romantic dreamer. She’s incredibly sheltered, living with the three fairies and not meeting another soul almost her entire life, and because of that she never loses the innocence necessary to dream and believe. She plays happily with her forest friends, dressing them up to be her version of the perfect man. This is a beautifully candid way to act, and it’s a trait that is easy to lose when disappointments occur in life. But maintaining that sense of happiness and excitement about the possibilities of the world is incredibly useful, and even necessary to remain happy.     


 Aurora does not know what awaits her in the castle, aside from marrying a stranger and leaving her family behind. Yet, she goes to the castle, ready to accept the life that had been arranged from birth. And why does she do that? Because Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather told her that it would be okay. They understand her pain, but they insist, reminding her that she is a princess, and she must be mindful of her duties. Aurora, despite being heartbroken, trusts her caretakers enough to walk into an unknown and unwanted fate. The love they had for each other was immeasurable, and she knew that well enough to trust them when they led her into uncharted territory. 

Aurora teaches us quite a bit throughout her movie, from bravery, and grace, to never forgetting how to daydream and be excited about the possibilities of the future. We may not all live in castles, with betrothed princes and fairies to keep us safe, but we all know that sometimes we have to make hard choices, and Aurora is the perfect role model for how to navigate those often tricky situations with dignity and understanding. And we certainly all now know not to touch the needle of a spinning wheel. 

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