Frozen Party Ideas

What little girl is not OBSESSED with the Frozen Franchise?  Anna and Elsa stole our hearts with the first movie and yet again with Frozen 2. If you really want to blow your party guests away, here are some tips and tricks to help you plan the PERFECT Utah Frozen Birthday Party! Whether its a Utah Elsa Birthday Party or a Utah Anna Birthday Party.


Every good party needs invitations, so make sure to cool things down a little with some nice blues and whites, and of course a few snowflakes! Make sure to include the date and time, and whether or not you’d like the guests to dress up!


Frozen Decorations are some of my favorites, anything sparkly goes – it looks just like ice! Get a foil curtain as a backdrop, and string some homemade snowflakes from the ceiling to make your home look just like Elsa’s Ice palace or Ahtohallan.  If you’re more of a fan of an Enchanted Forest look, decorate with more earthy tones and woodsy decor! Don’t forget to invite Gale, the wind spirit, and place leaves around the room to add that enchanted feel!


Vegetable Tray

For the reindeer in all of us, make sure to have carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables laid out! Don’t forget the Snow Dip (Ranch dressing)! 

Earth Giant Cheeseball

A giant cheeseball will remind your guests of earth giants and trolls! Remember the pretzels and crackers too!

Gale’s Storm

Cotton candy mimic’s Gale’s swirling winds perfectly, and it’s a perfect treat for all ages!

Bruni Gummies

Frog or salamander gummies would be perfect to give a nod to Bruni, the fire spirit!

Water Nokk Punch

Don’t forget a drink for your guests! Fill a punch bowl with blue punch and place a toy nokk on the side to turn it into Water Nokk Punch!

Games and Activities

Build Your Own Snowman!

Just like Anna and Elsa do as children, invite your guests to build a snowman together! There are many ways to build a snowman, but one of my favorites is also quite tasty!

Supply giant marshmallows, a white chocolate fountain, mini chocolate chips, and pretzels for the arms, and allow your guests to build their own edible snowmen!

Build an Ice Palace

Using sugar cubes or legos, have your party guests build their own unique Ice Palace, just like Elsa!

Sing Along

Who doesn’t know every word to Let it Go or Show Yourself? Break out your Karaoke machine and have a sing along with all your guests! It’ll be just like Elsa and Anna are in the room with you!

Invite a Frozen Queen!

No Frozen party would be complete without the Ice Queen or her sister to make the event extra magical! These sisters are one of the few who have taken the step from princess to queen, making your party extra special! Did you know that we offer a special deal if you book the two of them together?! We currently send princesses to the Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley areas, but we are more than willing to travel.  Contact us to book a Utah Princess Party today!

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