Princess Party Favor Ideas

So you’re throwing a Utah princess party, and you want all ends and odds to be perfect, but you’re not sure what the perfect party favors are? Look no further! Here are five creative party favors that your guests will be sure to DIE for.

Utah Princess Party Crown Party Favor
Photo by Mariana Yarritu on Unsplash


Instead of any old party favor, get creative and craft with your princess party guests! Some ideas are: crowns, bracelets, wands, ribbon wands, etc.  Homemade party favors are always a hit at Utah princess parties!

Magic Wands

Magic wands are always a clever party gift that make every girl feel like a fairy princess! You can either keep them simple, or let the girls decorate them with jewels and ribbon to make personalized wands!

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are well loved by little princesses! They are perfect for dance parties and princess dances! If you invite a princess to your party, they can use the ribbon wands to teach them a special princess dance! Most princesses love to dance, such as Rapunzel, Anna, Aurora, Snow White, etc! So invite them to your Salt Lake Princess party today!


You can never go wrong with bubble wands as a party favor! You can pick up some pretty nice ones at the dollar store, and they are sure to be a hit! We recommend these especially if you have a mermaid themed party in Utah! Invite Ariel or one of our other mermaids to truly make life the bubbles!


The best way to make every little princess feel like a TRUE princess is to end the party with a coronation ceremony. This is a perfect activity if you invite a princess to your birthday party, then she can take over and crown your party guests honorary princesses of her kingdom!  We offer this as an add on to our regular party packages, complete with tiara, coronation certificate, and memorable hug!

Autographed Photos

If you invite a princess to your party, take it to the next level by bringing a polaroid camera, and taking individual pictures with each guest! Ask your Utah princess to sign each one, and your party guests will have an incredible take home gift! 

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