Mermaid Tail Tips and Tricks

If you are having a Utah mermaid birthday party, you might think it is a brilliant idea to get your child their own mermaid tail so that they can transform into a mermaid for the day! Here are a couple of things to consider before you take the plunge and buy a mermaid tail. 

Utah Mermaid Birthday Party! Swimming mermaid in Utah

Safety Comes First

Not all mermaid tail companies are created equal, especially the “cheap” ones you find online from China. It is important to get a mermaid tail from a well-known company, as they put extra care into making sure their tails and monofins are safe for your child.  Cheap monofins tend to break or shatter when they have too much pressure put on them, and that can cause abrasions or plastic shards can become lodged in their feet! Reputable brands make sure that their tails are safe for swimmers of all ages.  

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Buy The Monofin

Every mermaid tail should be used with a monofin, or a large flipper that attaches to the feet. It adds needed propulsion to help your child swim more effectively.  Without one, you are essentially tying your child’s legs together and throwing them into a pool.  With one, they can truly live out their mermaid dreams! It’s safer, and it looks better too!

Check the Pool Rules

Not all pools allow mermaid tails, especially here in Utah, so it is important to call ahead and ask if they allow mermaid tails in their pool! Most smaller community pools are ok with it, but many city pools only allow pool toys and floatation devices that have been approved by the coast guard.  Some of the local pools that usually allow tails are: Kearns Recreation Center, private backyard pools, HOA pools, American Fork Fitness Center, etc.  Just make sure to call ahead and make sure!

Can Your Child Swim?

If your child cannot swim without a mermaid tail on, they CANNOT swim with one.  While this does not make or break whether or not you should get your child a tail, it merely means you need to be at your child’s side when they are using one. Even if they are pretty good with their floaties, it is incredibly important that you put your child’s safety first and help them swim with the mermaid tail.  

Should I Invite a Mermaid?

If you are having a pool party, it is a fantastic idea to invite a mermaid to swim with your child! They can teach your child about life as mermaid, and add an extra layer of magic to the party.  Even if you do have a mermaid in the pool, it is required that you have adult supervision at the party to watch over the party guests and make sure that they stay safe.  Having a mermaid at your party does not replace active adult supervision to ensure your child’s safety.  Utah mermaid parties are THE BEST when done safely!!

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