Things We Learn From Disney’s Frozen

While Elsa and Anna have captured our hearts, its good to take a look at the lessons that Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 teach us.  Here are a few examples of our favorite lessons from the Frozen Sisters.  

Let It Go

Elsa and Anna Sisters

Of course, no one can forget Elsa’s #1 song “Let It Go!” We learned so much from that song, but most importantly, that the past is in the past, and we need to just “let it go” sometimes.  While that song is on repeat in our heads, it is wise to listen to the lesson, and let go of things holding us back. 

Love is the Most Powerful Magic

he power of love is a theme that flows through Frozen 1 and Frozen 2, as well as the shorts! “Love will thaw.” “An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.”  “Our lands and people now connected by love.” Love, and the power of true love is the most powerful magic.  More powerful than troll crystals, Elsa’s ice magic, the spirits of the enchanted forest, and anything else life throws at us.  TLove is so important, and the power of love is repeated over and over in the Frozen franchise.  

Some Things Never Change

As Princess Anna sang in the opening song of Frozen 2 “Some things never change.” There are some wonderful things that never change, the love we have for our family, the flow of the seasons, the feel of your hand in mine, etc.  There are some things in life that we can always count on, no matter how hard things get.  It’s a beautiful truth!

Some Things Change – And That’s Ok

There are some things that do change, though, and that’s ok.  In Frozen 2, we watched two sisters “step into their power” so to speak, and while their lives seemed to go in different directions, the love that they had for each other was unchanging.  Anna and Elsa were both able to grow and progress towards their destinies through some drastic, yet meaningful changes.  Some things change, and we will all be better for it.  

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